Accounting and Taxation

Key Features

  • Accounts prepared on a timely basis
  • Meetings at your premises with a Chartered Accountant partner
  • An all inclusive fixed fee for accounts, taxation and general advice.
  • Appraisal of the practice finance with our ratios and statistical analysis
  • Drawings projections prepared and discussed with the partners
  • Income tax projections prepared in advance of liabilities falling due
  • Superannuation shortfall projections
  • Advice and explanations of capital/current accounts
  • Phone calls and emails returned the same day, letters within 10 days
  • Proactive advice delivered through courses, meetings and emails
  • Advice given on all aspects of G.P. finance including premises reimbursements, personal medical services, extra income generation, etc. With no additional fee - just the agreed annual fee

For more information, e-mail at:

Tel: Laura 0208 370 7726

Ramsay House, 18 Vera Avenue
Grange Park, London N21 1RA