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14th March 2017 Money Talks How the budget affects general practice Laurence Slavin
21st February 2017 Money Talks How will the 2017/18 GP contract affect pay? Laurence Slavin
17th October 2016 Money Talks Should GP practices be left to fail? Laurence Slavin
23rd August 2016 Money Talks Delay to changing the GP funding formula means continued instability for practices Laurence Slavin
12th August 2016 Money Talks Is bigger better for general practice? Laurence Slavin
2nd August 2016 Money Talks Why GPs still need funding for 'ghost patients' Laurence Slavin
26th July 2016 Money Talks Things can only get better for general practice Laurence Slavin
30th July 2015 Money Talks Increasing list sizes, GP earnings go public and tax concerns Laurence Slavin
12th June 2015 Money Talks Cracking down on the 'abuse' of 24-hour retirement Laurence Slavin
28th May 2015 Money Talks Are GPs prepared to 'publish and be damned'? Laurence Slavin
20th March 2015 Money Talks The pay award and Budget mean challenging times ahead for GPs Laurence Slavin
19th February 2015 Money Talks Nostalgia, tax avoidance and HMRC Laurence Slavin
11th February 2015 Money Talks Resolving MPIG problems is not impossible Laurence Slavin
16th January 2015 Money Talks Why does the DH find it so difficult to solve GP funding issues? Laurence Slavin
9th January 2015 Money Talks Does practice size really matter? Laurence Slavin
5th November 2014 Money Talks GPs must band together to protect their contracts Laurence Slavin
23rd September 2014 Money Talks The GP partnership model is not broken Laurence Slavin
21st November 2013 Money Talks Has the 2014 GP contract wiped the scowl from my face Laurence Slavin
17th September 2013 Money Talks General practice is not lost if GPs speak with one voice Laurence Slavin
11th September 2013 Money Talks Abusing GP's goodwill undermines the fabric of the NHS Laurence Slavin
9th September 2013 Ask The Experts Taking 24-Hour retirement Kevin Quinn
28th August 2013 Money Talks The world of NHS finance has gone mad Laurence Slavin
14th August 2013 Money Talks Allocating fair workload and profits to part-time partners Laurence Slavin
8th August 2013 Money Talks How GP pension arrangements are changing Laurence Slavin
30th July 2013 InnovAiT Introduction to practice finance Russell Finn
23rd July 2013 Money Talks Why bad and remote management is a threat to general practice Laurence Slavin
24th June 2013 Money Talks Using GPs pre-appointment to manage patient demand Laurence Slavin
7th June 2013 Money Talks Aristotle, health ministers abd tge burden of women GPs Laurence Slavin
22nd May 2013 Money Talks Partnership changes and GP premises complications Laurence Slavin
16th May 2013 GP Magazine Practice Briefing Quoted by Laurence Slavin
15th May 2013 GP Online Accelerated tax Relief on new business assets Russell Finn
3rd May 2013 Money Talks HMRC, 'Sweetheart deals' and GP car insurance Laurence Slavin
29th April 2013 Money Talks GP practice mergers and is bigger and better Laurence Slavin
26th April 2013 Money Talks Hunt misses point when blaming GPs for pressure on A&Es Laurence Slavin
15th April 2013 Money Talks 'Sneaky' Changes in GMS Premises Cost Directions Laurence Slavin
3rd April 2013 Money Talks GP pressured into signing leases can't be evicted Laurence Slavin
28th March 2013 Money Talks Salaried GPs Face Redundancy as practice seek partners again Laurence Slavin
15th March 2013 GP Online Viewpoint: 2013/14 GP pay award could see income drop 3.8% Russell Finn
5th March 2013 Money Talks DH Must be made aware GPs are working harder as funding dwindles Laurence Slavin
19th February 2013 Money Talks GP profits rising but so is partner workload Laurence Slavin
30th January 2013 Money Talks PCT changes rent and rate payments Laurence Slavin
24th January 2013 Money Talks GP mediocrity will be result of PCT cuts Laurence Slavin
21st January 2013 Money Talks State must spend to kick start economy Laurence Slavin
9th January 2013 Money Talks GP Premises leases are source of potential liabilities Laurence Slavin

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How to Manage Your GP Practice - Written By Laurence Slavin and Farine Clark

Failing finances or staff walk outs could cause the death of your practice. However irksome managing the accounts, hiring staff and signing property leases may be, you can’t leave these tasks to your practice manager. As a partner in the business you have to be in control, and to take the big decisions.

How to Manage Your GP Practice is written for GPs and other health professionals running their own practices. It tells you in simple, engaging style what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. It illustrates the good and bad ways of negotiating through management issues, using case examples and lightening the messages with witty cartoons.

Understanding Practice Accounts - Written By Jenny Stone and Ese Stacey

Most general practices are businesses of quite significant size and yet many GPs are not clear on what the detail of their practice accounts really mean.

If you have ever found yourself confused by the balance sheet, capital accounts or profit sharing ratios, the this book will help.

Tel: Laura 0208 370 7726

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