Partnership Mergers/splits

We can help:

  • assess the financial effect of a merger or demerger. It is not widely known that following a demerger(split) the MPIG is given in full to the practice deemed to be the successor
  • by checking the legal documentation to ensure it is both practical and makes financial sense.
  • explain the pitfalls or a merger or split in terms of the effect on tax, business profits and superannuation
    1. Case Study 1: Practice of six partners merged with a single handed GP. The single handed GP had a different year end which gave rise to an overlap relief tax penalty that was avoided by careful planning
    2. Case Study 2: Partnership of six GPs were planning to separate into two practices of three GPs. The effect of only one practice keeping the Correction Factor made one practice unviable and after advice the practice decided to carry on.

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