PCT Disputes

We can help:

  • with more than 20 years experience and knowledge of the old “Red Book” and the “New Contract” we can help our clients confront unreasonable or incorrect demands from their PCT
  • We can represent our clients in negotiations or dispute in person, in writing or supporting their legal representatives
    1. Case Study 1: PCT took a practice off the cost rent scheme when one of the 6 partners retired and repaid their share of the loan. We took up the case with the PCT who reinstated the cost rent reimbursement.
    2. Case Study 2: PCT alleged overpayment of PPA reimbursements and refused to discuss the matter with the practice and deducted the alleged sum. We finally took up this matter with the MP in the practice’s constituency and are now advising the MP in resolving this matter.
    3. Case Study 3: PCT charged Health Centre Charges three times the previous year’s level. We challenged the charges and secured a refund once the basis of calculation was discredited.

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