PMS Advice

We can help:

  • quantify the effect of making a transfer from PMS to GMS (or vice verca)
  • defend the practice from claims form the PCT that the budget needs to be reduced:
    • Case Study 1. Practice in March 2007 was advised that their growth funding had been incorrectly paid for the last 11 months and the PCT were claiming it back. Following a meeting with the PCT they backed down
    • Case Study 2. PCT wrote to PMS practice wanting to pay them for their weighted patients rather than their registered patients, and reclaim three years of alleged overpayments. Following correspondence in which we pointed out that if some GMS principles are to be adopted, others such as the MPIG should not be ignored, the PCT backed down
  • advise our PMS clients what is happening with GMS and what they should be claiming from their PCT (such as what pay rise they should expect)

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