Property Finance

We can help:

  • look at the financial viability of a surgery development
  • advise on the best way to structure the finance to maximise tax relief
  • comment on the VAT implications of a property development
  • advise on what entitlements exist in the Statement of Financial Entitlements
    1. Case Study 1: Practice (non-client) consulted us with a significant shortfall in their cost rent reimbursement. We negotiated with the PCT and secured an increased reimbursement.
    2. Case Study 2: Practice set up a company to own the property in which a “Walk In” service would be provided. The company was unable to borrow the money to buy the land and the GPs borrowed the money personally and lent the money to the Investment Company. These loans do not qualify for tax relief and we reuctured the loans to make them tax efficient.

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