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Notes to assist with completion of VAT1 form

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The following are the notes to assist with some of the boxes which require further guidance to complete.

Part 1 – About the business

Box 5 – Medical Practitioners

Box 9 – No.

Part 2 – About the Business accounts

Box 10 – Yes.

Part 3 – The taxable turnover and date of registration

Box 13 – No. Date of first taxable supply 1st May 2007.

Box 14 – No.

Boxes 15,16 and 17 – Not applicable

Box 18 – No.

Box 19 – No

Box 20 –No, please proceed to Box 22.

Box 22 – Tick box ‘I am not currently making taxable supplies, but intend to in the future’. Enter date to be registered from 01.05.2007

Box 23 – Enter an estimate of the total amount of income which will now be taxable for VAT

Box 24 – Yes. Enter an estimate for the amount of all your income received from the PCT for providing primary care services that you expect to receive in the next twelve months.

Box 25 – Not applicable.

Box 26 – No.

Part 4 – Your details and declaration

Box 27 – If you are a partnership you need to complete VAT2 which is enclosed.

Where to send the completed forms
The completed forms must be sent to the Wolverhampton Registration Unit at the following address:
HM Revenue and Customs
VAT Registration Unit
62 - 70 Tettenhall Road
WV1 4TZ.