Katie Singer


I have been an unofficial member of the Ramsay Brown team since September 1988 when I was just shy of 2 years old. My father, Stuart, is one of the senior partners and I think it was always his hope that I would follow in his footsteps and join the team one day!

I was born and raised in a loving household in North London with my parents, Janice and Stuart and my two younger siblings, Bradley and Hannah. Being the eldest of two siblings, I was always in charge of organising the games and playtime so, from a very early age, I have been training towards managing and delegating. I attended Hadley Wood Primary School and then passed my entrance exams to go to Dame Alice Owens School in Potters Bar. I really enjoyed school and successfully passed 11 GCSE’s and 3 A Levels. By the time I had finished my school education, it was apparent that I would be capable of studying towards becoming an accountant, but I was keen to go to University and study towards something I was very passionate about. In September 2005, I went to the University of Nottingham and graduated with a 2:1 degree in Theology.

When I graduated University in 2008, the country was heading towards a recession and job security for graduates was becoming increasingly difficult. I was offered a trainee accountant role at a medium sized firm based in the city, Arram Berlyn Gardner and immediately began studying towards my ACA to become a Chartered Accountant. I passed all my Accountancy exams in December 2011 and in the Spring of 2012, I was invited by the ICAEW to moderate the final exam papers for the students sitting their finals in November 2012. I stayed at ABG until February 2013 before leaving and taking some time off to go travelling before joining Ramsay Brown and Partners in April 2013 where I worked very closely with Stuart managing his portfolio of clients and attending client meetings with him before I became a partner myself in April 2016.

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time my spare time with my two fur babies – Jeff & Annie. They are two very loveable pugs who have more of an active social life than I do with a very popular Instagram account @jeff.and.annie. My husband Scot and I enjoy taking them for long walks and sadly, we also dress them up in little fashion harnesses! Outside of revolving our lives around our dogs, we enjoy going out for a fancy meal once a month and Scot is an excellent cook so very often, he will whip up something delicious and we will stay in and play a board game as we have quite a growing collection. My final passion is for baking and in my spare time, I love to lock myself away in the kitchen for a few hours and whip up something tasty for my friends and family.