Laurence Slavin


Since I was a teenager, I had always assumed that I would be an Accountant. My father was a Chartered Accountant, the senior partner at Ramsay Brown and Partners and having spent my school holidays working on bank reconciliations and analysing accounting records in his office, I just assumed I would follow his career path - and I did.

I completed my Chartered Accountancy training in the early 1980s with Stoy Hayward (now BDO), working in their tax department and in 1985, I moved back to work with my father who sadly became ill shortly afterwards. To help him run the practice, I was accelerated to partner in September 1987 which was followed by my father's untimely death in the December of that year, at the too-young age of 55. As such, my partnership with Ramsay Brown and Partners started in September 1987 at the age of 26 and I have been here ever since!

I met Stuart Singer around that time and after working together for a short period, invited him to join me in partnership in 1988. Since then, we have built on the few GP clients my father had and with Kate, Jenny and Katie, now have a practice that leads in its field and I am immensely proud of my team and what we have achieved. In 2017, we were a finalist in the best single-office firm of accountants in the UK, a great achievement and I am sure my father would have been proud.

My working life revolves around GPs, whether seeing them with their accounts, writing books and articles on GP finance, lecturing to GPs and registrars, or acting as an expert witness when GPs are in dispute. No surprise really that I married one - Linda - a (now-retired) GP.

We have four children between us, all leading successful and busy lives. We love travel and wildlife and have been as far west as the Galapagos, and as far east as Bhutan. I have always enjoyed learning and two years ago, I completed a degree in Classical Studies with the Open University - that took seven years and a lot of Linda’s forebearance!

I can't say that I am obsessional about fitness, but I keep myself fit by intermittently finding fund raising projects. I have run the London Marathon twice and in both 2016 and 2017, I swam the one mile Great London Swim over Royal Dock in Newham raising money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity.

What about the future? I feel lucky to be able to say that I enjoy what I do. I like meeting clients and I enjoy the challenges that between them, HMRC and the Department of Health throw in our clients direction and I have so much pride in the team we have built. I expect to be here as long as my mind and body permit!