Nicola Lamb

Internal Data Manager

I joined Ramsay Brown and Partners in March 1998. I am the Internal Data Manager and manage the client files and archive system. Whilst working for Ramsay Brown and Partners, I have gained a book- keeping certificate with a pass A result.

I have made and continue to make good friends at Ramsay Brown and Partners and have been on many happy social functions.

I previously worked at Lords Cricket Ground in the MCC shop which gave me the opportunity to meet many famous people. I have also worked for Women Returners situated within Enfield Collage as a secretary.

My hobbies include having hours of laughter with my grandchildren and walking through miles of countryside with my two lovingly loyal dogs, Satan and Lilly. I also spend many happy hours relaxing in my garden watching the wild birds splash in the bird bath and feed from my bird feeders.